Running JMeter Test Plans with Specified Time Limits

Running JMeter Test Plans with Specified Time Limits

3 July 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment QA

When executing performance tests using JMeter, it is often necessary to run the tests for a specified duration or to ensure they terminate within a stipulated time frame. This guide will walk you through different methods to achieve this, ensuring your tests run efficiently and within the desired time constraints.

Options to Control Test Duration in JMeter

There are several ways to control the duration of your JMeter test plans. Below, we outline the most effective methods:

1. Set Duration for Each Thread Group

You can set the duration for each Thread Group within your Test Plan. Follow these steps to configure it:

  • Open your JMeter test plan.
  • Select the Thread Group you want to configure.
  • In the Thread Group control panel, find the “Duration (seconds)” field.
  • Enter the desired duration in seconds.

This method ensures that each Thread Group runs for the specified time before stopping.

2. Use JMeter Scheduler

The JMeter Scheduler allows you to define the start and end times for your test. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Select the Thread Group in your Test Plan.
  • Check the “Scheduler” box to enable it.
  • Enter the “Duration (seconds)” and “Startup delay (seconds)” values.
  • For example, to run the test for 2 minutes, set the Duration to 120 and Startup delay to 0.

Once configured, the Scheduler will control the runtime of your test plan.

3. Use Beanshell Sampler

If you need more control, you can use a Beanshell Sampler to programmatically stop the test. Insert the following code into a Beanshell Sampler:

SampleResult.setStopTest(true);    // to ASK threads to stop
SampleResult.setStopTestNow(true); // to TELL threads to stop

This approach allows you to stop the test based on specific conditions or after a certain period.

Considerations for Test Termination

Using these methods to set durations or stop tests does not mean that the test plan will end immediately. Threads need some time to shut down gracefully. Forceful termination may result in additional errors, which could affect your test results.

Enhancing Test Automation with Repeato

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