From software folks, for software folks.

We are an international team of people that all come with a long background in software development. We’ve experienced the struggles of testing processes from many different perspectives: developers, QAs, management.... After all, everyone wants the same: shipping bug-free apps. We’re here to help make that happen.

about repeato - founder stephan petzl

As former CTO of several companies, and as a long-year freelancer working with clients of diverse market backgrounds, I have continuously seen the impact of good, bad, and non-existing app testing processes.

There are two things I’ve learned: First, there’s no way around professional software testing. And second, solving the issue can be surprisingly easy and low-cost. This was why I brought Repeato to life.


Stephan Petzl, founder and CEO of Repeato

Let’s be honest, there is pretty much no company on earth that ever has “enough” developers or other IT peeps. Keeping these highly qualified folks busy with tedious tasks that could potentially be automated is no good. It will not only financially challenge the company, but also decrease developers motivation to do what they do best: building a great product.


We want developers to have more time for the fun part of their job: building new and exciting features.


We want QAs to get a tool at hand that supports them and lets them be even more successful at their work.


We want management to make the most out of their budget and employ their team with tasks at which they can shine: being creative and  innovative.

Our mission

We help people

– to unleash their full potential of creativity and innovativeness
– to reach their sophisticated goals with confidence and joy
– to deliver bug-free apps in no time.

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Our values

Whenever you are in touch with Repeato, you can expect the software and the team to act according to our most important values.

We’re straight forward

We want to help you get things done – not only with Repeato itself, but also with other activities, like information gathering and learning.

We’re conscious of your time

We know you got many things to do, that’s why we care about Repeato’s UI being intuitive and every piece of communication relevant.

We’re close to our users

We know about the importance of user feedback. We are constantly looking for ideas for improvement,new beta testers, and feature wishes. Repeato is built upon our users needs.

Got something to say?

We’re happy to hear your feedback, connect with like-minded people, or discuss collaborations.