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Test Automation
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Frequently asked questions

How can I upgrade, downgrade, cancel my subscription?

You can do so anytime – just drop us a message at, we'll get this done for your immediately.

Can I get a discount?

We offer discounts for NGOs, educational purposes, and annual subscriptions. Drop us a line at, we’ll see what we can do for you!

Is Repeato an alternative to Espresso?

Yes, it is! The difference is: Espresso need to have a sophisticated understanding of how the UI is structured which makes it time consuming to create tests. Repeato operates fully on pixel data and does not care about the underlying structure of the UI. It basically sees what a tester would see by utilising computer vision and machine learning.

How is Repeato different from other testing tools?

There are dozens of UI testing tools out there. Espresso, Robotium, Appium, you name it. But they all lack one thing: Simplicity. Repeato does not rely on the underlying structure of a UI for testing. Instead it uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms for handling the matching which is needed for doing asserts. Thus, you can build robust tests in just a few minutes.

How secure is Repeato?

Based in the EU, Repeato is underlying some of the most strict data security guidelines, namely GDPR. You find detailed information in our public privacy policy.

Does Repeato replace Appium with Gherking?

We suggest to use both things in parallel. You will need lots of time to get a proper Appium automation working, but it might pay off in the long run. Additionally use Repeato because some of the things you can do with it are not even possible with Appium (like checking content in native views like maps, generating batch run reports or pixel perfect assertions).

For other questions about Repeato's pricing, or for questions related to features, check out our FAQ page.

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