Repeato vs Sofy

Repeato vs Sofy

1 February 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tool comparisons

In today’s competitive mobile app market, choosing the right testing tool is crucial. Repeato and Sofy are two no-code, AI-powered mobile testing platforms that streamline the QA process for iOS and Android applications.

Repeato excels with its computer vision capabilities and integration with CI/CD pipelines, offering a free plan and on-premise options. Conversely, Sofy provides access to real devices and specializes in a variety of testing types, including manual and ad-hoc, but lacks a free plan. Our article dissects the nuances between these tools to aid you in selecting the one that best fits your development needs.

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Feature comparison of Repeato and Sofy

Free Plan Available
On Premise Available
Device Farm AvailableN/A
Scheduler AvailableN/A
No Code
Uses Ai
Generates Reports
Uses Computer VisionN/A
Ease Of Usevery easy to learnvery easy to learn
Review Pros 1. Simple and intuitive interface
2. Easy setup process, no complex configurations needed
3. Accessibility for both developers and non-programmers
4. Supports various testing methods like clicks, drags and scripting
5. Exceptional stability, no crashes or driver issues
6. Regular updates with bug fixes and excellent customer support
7. Great for mobile app testing, with efficient script creation
8. Allows for hundreds of additional tests each day
9. User-friendly, with easy adaptation and no initial setup required
10. Recognizes elements using visual fingerprints for testing
11. Allows for reusability and easy maintenance of scripts
12. No prior training or complex coding skills needed
– The support team is highly responsive and provides solid assistance.
– Mobile testing capabilities are particularly strong.
– Enables creation of test data and handling conditional logic through a record-and-play feature.
– Integration with JIRA and CI/CD pipelines enhances workflow.
– Facilitates rapid increase in test coverage.
– The ability to make API requests within tests allows for more comprehensive testing scenarios.
– Described as a user-friendly no-code solution, making it accessible for startups and non-developers.
– Encourages best practices in test writing through collaboration with a technical account manager.
– Supports testing on real devices and can connect to other devices via Bluetooth.
– Actively listens to customer feedback and regularly introduces new, helpful features.
Review Cons 1. Some limitations for iOS applications when tapping on any system window outside of the app
2. Access to CI/CD tools is only available at the enterprise level
3. Occasional unknown errors while performing basic tasks, although they are quickly remedied in the next version.
– Some users may find the product’s capabilities limited for cutting-edge or unique test cases.
– Web testing features are not as robust as mobile testing features.
– Issues with JIRA integration have been reported.
– The platform may require a learning curve and initial setup effort to integrate with existing CI flows.
– Test execution speed has been reported as somewhat slow by some users.
– Uses a minute-based pricing system, which may not suit all types of projects or budgets.
– Some users find the overall pricing to be on the higher side.
– Requires effort to automate test cases and connect physical devices via Bluetooth, despite the ease of use.
– The product is still growing and may not have all the desired features yet.
– Requires some technical effort to fully integrate test results with other continuous integration flows.

Pricing Comparison: Repeato vs Sofy

Repeato Pricing Overview

Repeato offers a tiered pricing model aimed at providing flexibility and accommodating various user needs. It starts with a Free plan, which is ideal for individuals or small-scale projects. For more extensive requirements, there are two paid subscription levels: Basic at €70/month/user and Pro at €120/month/user. These paid plans include unlimited testing minutes and additional features. An Enterprise plan is available for large organizations, with custom pricing upon request. All plans come with unlimited Android and iOS tests, a variety of testing features, and email support, with the option for priority support in higher-tier plans. Discounts may be offered for NGOs, educational purposes, and annual subscriptions.

Sofy Pricing Overview

Sofy also adopts a tiered pricing strategy, focusing on no-code automation and AI test automation tools. Its Starter plan costs $549/month on an annual basis, which includes essential tools such as 2500 real device minutes and 2 parallel device sessions. The Pro plan, priced at $1499/month, is the preferred option for many, providing 7500 real device minutes and 5 parallel sessions. Enterprises can negotiate custom solutions according to their specific requirements. All plans feature CI/CD integration, manual testing, test reports, and more, with higher tiers offering advanced support. Sofy allows potential users to sign up for a free trial.

Comparing the Pricing Models


  • Tiered Structures: Both Repeato and Sofy offer multiple pricing tiers to cater to different customer segments, from individual users to large enterprises.
  • Unlimited Users: Repeato offers unlimited testing minutes in its paid plans, while Sofy includes unlimited users in all its plans.
  • Advanced Features for Higher Tiers: Each provider includes more sophisticated features and support options in their higher-tier plans.
  • Custom Enterprise Solutions: Both companies provide custom solutions for enterprise-level customers, with pricing available upon consultation.
  • Free Options: Repeato has a perpetual Free plan, and Sofy provides a free trial period.


  • Pricing Model: Repeato prices its plans per user per month, whereas Sofy’s pricing is based on a flat monthly fee with an annual contract.
  • Testing Minutes: Sofy’s plans are structured around real device minutes, with a cap on usage, while Repeato offers unlimited testing minutes in its paid plans.
  • Parallel Sessions: Sofy explicitly limits the number of parallel device sessions, a feature not specified in Repeato’s pricing model.
  • Contract Flexibility: Repeato allows users to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime, offering a more flexible approach compared to Sofy’s annual contract requirement.
  • Support Options: While both offer email support, Repeato includes this in all plans, and Sofy reserves dedicated customer support for higher tiers.
  • Currency and Pricing: Repeato’s pricing is listed in euros, and Sofy’s in US dollars, which may be a consideration for international customers.

In summary, Repeato’s model is more user-centric with its per-user pricing and flexibility in subscription changes, catering especially to smaller-scale users and teams with its Free plan. Sofy’s model, on the other hand, is more suited for teams looking for comprehensive tools and support, with its focus on real device minutes and parallel sessions, and is structured for commitment through an annual contract.

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