Locating Android Emulator Snapshot Files for Team Collaboration

Locating Android Emulator Snapshot Files for Team Collaboration

22 April 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tech-Help

When working with Android Emulator snapshots, it’s common to want to share these files with your team for various testing purposes. This guide will walk you through locating the snapshot files on your disk, enabling you to streamline your collaborative efforts.

Finding Snapshot Files via Emulator Settings

To locate the snapshot files directly from the Android Emulator:

  1. Open the Android Emulator.
  2. Click on the “More” button, represented by three vertical dots.
  3. Select “Settings” from the extended controls panel.
  4. In the top right corner of the Settings screen, you’ll find the “Screenshot save location.” This field displays the current directory where your snapshots are stored and allows you to change the location if needed.

This method provides a quick way to access and manage your snapshot files without having to navigate through your file system.

Accessing Snapshot Files via AVD Manager

Alternatively, you can find the snapshots by accessing the Android Virtual Device (AVD) directory:

  1. Open the Android Virtual Device Manager.
  2. Right-click on your desired AVD.
  3. Select “Show on Disk” or “Reveal in Finder” (depending on your operating system).
  4. Within the AVD directory, locate the “snapshots” folder, where your snapshot files are stored.

This approach is particularly useful if you need to access additional AVD-related files or prefer to manage your snapshots manually.

Snapshot File Location for Different Operating Systems

The default locations for emulator-made snapshots are as follows:

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.android\avd\\snapshots\
  • Linux/macOS: ~/.android/avd//snapshots/

Replace <AVD_NAME> with the name of your Android Virtual Device.

Note: %USERPROFILE% refers to the current active user’s home directory on Windows.

Integrating Snapshots into Your Testing Workflow with Repeato

While managing emulator snapshots is essential for team collaboration, an efficient testing workflow also benefits from robust test automation tools. Repeato, a No-code test automation tool for iOS and Android, simplifies the creation, execution, and maintenance of automated tests for your apps.

Repeato works seamlessly with various app frameworks, such as React Native, Flutter, Unity, etc. Its fast editing and test execution capabilities, powered by computer vision and AI, can enhance your testing strategy. Additionally, with ADB integrated, Repeato allows for the execution of ADB commands through script steps, streamlining your testing processes even further.

Consider incorporating Repeato into your workflow to complement the use of Android Emulator snapshots, ensuring thorough and efficient testing across your team’s projects.

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