Integrating QA into the Development Process: Best Practices and Strategies

Integrating QA into the Development Process: Best Practices and Strategies

3 July 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment QA

In many organizations, the role of Quality Assurance (QA) is crucial for ensuring the delivery of high-quality software. However, the integration of QA into the development process can sometimes be challenging. This article will provide guidance on how to effectively involve QA in your development process, ensuring that their contributions are valued and impactful.

Understanding the Problem

In some companies, QA teams are not treated as integral parts of the development team. They are often excluded from key meetings and their efforts are not properly estimated or tracked. This can lead to a lack of visibility and appreciation for the QA team’s work, ultimately affecting the quality of the final product.

Steps to Integrate QA into the Development Process

1. Request to Observe Key Meetings

One effective approach is to start by requesting to observe key meetings such as stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives. Being present in these meetings, even as an observer, can help QA teams gain visibility and gradually become more involved in the discussions and decision-making process.

2. Highlight the Cost of Defects

QA teams should track the time and cost associated with finding and fixing defects. Presenting this data to project managers and development teams can help them understand the value of involving QA early in the development process. Highlighting the cost savings of identifying defects early can be a powerful motivator for change.

3. Define “Done” in Scrum

In a Scrum context, it is essential to have a clear definition of “Done” that includes testing. This means that work is not considered complete until it has been tested and approved by the QA team. Ensuring that QA is part of the development team and involved in the planning and estimation process is crucial for achieving this.

4. Foster a Culture of Teamwork

Changing the perception of QA as obstacles to valued team members requires fostering a culture of teamwork. Encourage developers to see QA as partners in delivering quality software. This can be achieved through regular communication, collaboration, and mutual respect.

5. Utilize Agile Consultants

If internal efforts to integrate QA are met with resistance, consider bringing in an Agile consultant. An experienced consultant can provide an external perspective and help implement best practices for integrating QA into the development process.

Practical Examples and Comparisons

Consider the following real-world example: A company initially excluded QA from key meetings and estimations. By requesting to observe these meetings and presenting data on the cost of defects, the QA team gradually gained visibility and involvement. Over time, QA became an integral part of the development team, participating in all meetings and contributing to the planning and estimation process. This led to improved product quality and a more collaborative work environment.


Integrating QA into the development process is essential for delivering high-quality software. By observing key meetings, highlighting the cost of defects, defining “Done” in Scrum, fostering a culture of teamwork, and utilizing Agile consultants, organizations can ensure that QA teams are valued and their contributions are impactful.

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