Finding Elements by ID in Appium

Finding Elements by ID in Appium

5 April 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tech-Help

When automating tests for mobile applications using Appium, one of the most common tasks is to find and interact with elements within the app. Identifying an element by its ID is a precise method to locate a specific component, such as a login button or text field. However, it can sometimes be challenging to use the correct locator strategy. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of finding elements by ID in Appium.

Using the Element ID

To find an element by ID, you need to be aware of the full ID, which includes the package name followed by the element ID. Here’s how you can construct the locator:

  • Package name: com.example.testapp
  • Element ID: txtLogin

With this information, you can write the following code to locate the element:


Alternative Methods to Locate Elements

While using the ID is a straightforward method, there are alternative ways to locate elements in Appium:

  • By ID:
  • By Class Name:
  • By XPath:
    driver.findElementByXPath("//class[@value='Enter Name']").sendKeys("Hello");
  • By Link Text:
    driver.findElementByLinkText("Enter Name").sendKeys("Hello");

Note that these methods can be used for different scenarios depending on the attribute you want to target.

Using XPath with Multiple Conditions

XPath can be particularly useful when you need to apply multiple conditions to locate an element. For example:

xpath("//android.widget.Button[contains(@resource-id,'digit5') and @text='5']")

This XPath expression looks for a button element with a resource ID that contains ‘digit5’ and has text ‘5’.

Handling NoSuchElementException

If you encounter a NoSuchElementException, this could mean that the element is not present on the page or that the locator strategy is incorrect. Ensure that the ID you’re using is correct and that the element exists in the current view.

If you’re working with an Android API level less than 18, you might not be able to use the ID to locate elements. In such cases, you can use other attributes or list all elements of a certain type and iterate over them to find the correct one.


Finding elements by ID in Appium is a reliable method for interacting with your mobile application during testing. By understanding how to construct the locator and by being aware of alternative methods, you can effectively automate your test scenarios. Remember to verify that the elements exist and that your locator strategies are accurate to avoid exceptions.

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