Efficiently Stopping an Android App from the Console for Testing

Efficiently Stopping an Android App from the Console for Testing

22 April 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tech-Help

When testing Android applications, ensuring that you start with a clean state for each test case is crucial. Reinstalling the app repeatedly can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, there’s a more efficient way to achieve this by using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) from the console.

Stopping an App Using ADB

To stop an Android application from the console without having to uninstall it, you can use the following ADB command:

adb shell am force-stop com.my.app.id

This command will cleanly stop the app without the need to identify the process ID, making it a swift operation for testers.

Clearing App Data for a Fresh State

If your testing requires not just stopping the app but also clearing its stored data for a truly clean state, ADB comes to the rescue again:

adb shell pm clear com.my.app.package

This command will not only stop the app but also clear all data associated with it, ensuring that your next test starts with no previous data or settings.

Additional ADB Commands

For more ADB-related operations, such as launching applications or managing devices, you may find the following articles from our blog helpful:

Integrating Repeato in Your Testing Workflow

While ADB commands are powerful for manual testing, automating your test cases can save even more time and ensure consistency. Our product, Repeato, is a no-code test automation tool that can be seamlessly integrated into your testing workflow. It allows you to create, run, and maintain automated tests for iOS and Android apps with ease. Thanks to its use of computer vision and AI, Repeato is framework-agnostic and works with react-native, flutter, unity, and more.

Repeato comes with ADB onboard, enabling you to execute ADB commands directly within your automated test scripts. This feature can be particularly useful when you need to stop your app or clear data programmatically during test execution, ensuring a fresh state for each test run without manual intervention.

Explore how Repeato can streamline your testing process by visiting our product page:

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