Choosing the Right Management Tool for Cucumber Feature Files

Choosing the Right Management Tool for Cucumber Feature Files

3 July 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment QA

When working with Cucumber and Jenkins to manage and execute tests, it’s crucial to select a management tool that allows you to efficiently associate tests with requirements and generate comprehensive reports. This guide will help you navigate through the available options and choose the right tool for your needs.

Understanding Your Requirements

Before diving into specific tools, it’s essential to understand what features you need. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Integration with Cucumber and Jenkins
  • Ability to associate tests with requirements
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Support for both manual and automated tests
  • API support for custom integrations

Based on user experiences and expert recommendations, here are some tools that can help you manage your Cucumber feature files:

XRAY for Jira Cloud

XRAY is a powerful test management tool integrated with Jira Cloud. It allows you to manage both manual and automated tests within a single interface. XRAY supports REST API, enabling you to import test results from Jenkins and update Jira issues seamlessly.

Learn more about XRAY


Relish is a tool designed to read Cucumber feature files and provide an easy way to share, manage, and search your product’s live documentation online. It’s particularly useful for teams that need to keep their documentation up-to-date and accessible.

Explore Relish

Test Management Systems

Other tools like Trello, Jira, Pivotal Tracker, and TestLink can be used to manage tests and requirements. These tools offer robust ticket management systems that can be integrated with your existing workflow for managing new features, tasks, and bugs.

Best Practices

Here are some best practices to ensure you are using your chosen tool effectively:

  • Ensure your feature files are well-organized and follow a consistent format.
  • Automate the import of test results into your management tool using APIs.
  • Regularly update your test cases and requirements to reflect changes in your project.
  • Utilize reporting features to generate insights and improve your testing process.


Choosing the right management tool for your Cucumber feature files can significantly enhance your testing process. Tools like XRAY and Relish offer excellent integration and reporting capabilities, making them suitable for various testing needs.

For teams looking for a fast and efficient way to create, run, and maintain automated tests for iOS and Android apps, consider Repeato. Repeato is a no-code test automation tool that leverages computer vision and AI to simplify the testing process. Its ease of setup and use makes it an excellent choice for quality assurance teams.

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