Choosing a GUI Testing Framework for JavaFX 2

Choosing a GUI Testing Framework for JavaFX 2

11 April 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tech-Help

When you’re developing a JavaFX application, it’s crucial to have the right tools for testing the graphical user interface (GUI). Test-driven development (TDD) is a proven methodology that can help ensure the quality and robustness of your software. While there are many tools available for testing Swing applications, JavaFX developers might find themselves at a crossroads when selecting an appropriate testing framework for JavaFX 2.

TestFX: A Robust Option for JavaFX Testing

One of the more prominent libraries designed specifically for JavaFX testing is TestFX. This library provides a straightforward and effective approach to automate testing for your JavaFX GUI applications. It is designed to be easy to use and integrates seamlessly with JavaFX, offering a suite of powerful features to simulate user interactions and verify the state of the GUI.

JemmyFX: Extending the Jemmy Library

JemmyFX is an extension of the Jemmy library, which is traditionally used for testing UI applications in Java, including Swing, AWT, and SWT. With the advent of JavaFX, JemmyFX was developed to cater to the needs of JavaFX testing. It’s part of the OpenJFX 2 test branch and supports JavaFX 8, including new controls and enhancements.

MarvinFX: Focusing on Properties

Another library worth mentioning is MarvinFX. MarvinFX is built with the goal of simplifying the testing of JavaFX controls and scenes, with a special emphasis on properties. Its approach allows developers to craft tests that are more focused on the behavior and attributes of the GUI elements.

Additional Libraries

There are other libraries available for JavaFX testing, such as TestComplete and Automaton. TestComplete is a comprehensive testing solution that supports a wide range of applications, including JavaFX. Automaton, born from the same team behind TestFX, offers a simple testing framework for both Swing and JavaFX applications, requiring only basic coding skills.

Free Testing Tools: Jubula and Squish

For those looking for free testing tools, Jubula provides support for JavaFX and is now offered at no cost. It is a part of the Eclipse Mars testing distribution. Squish, on the other hand, is a commercial product, but it’s known for its robust testing capabilities across various platforms, including JavaFX.


Selecting the right testing framework for JavaFX is crucial for the success of your project. TestFX stands out as a strong candidate due to its specific focus on JavaFX and ease of use. JemmyFX is another solid choice, especially if you’re working with the latest JavaFX controls. For those emphasizing property testing, MarvinFX could be the way to go, while Jubula offers a free solution for developers on a budget. Evaluate your project’s specific needs and choose the framework that best aligns with your testing goals and resources.

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