Starting the Appium Server from Command Prompt on macOS

Starting the Appium Server from Command Prompt on macOS

21 May 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tech-Help

Automating iOS native mobile applications using Appium often requires starting the server from the command prompt. While this task might seem complex, it can be easily accomplished by following a few straightforward steps. This guide explains how to start the Appium server from the command prompt on a macOS machine.


  • Ensure Node.js is installed on your macOS. You can download it from
  • Install Appium globally using npm (Node Package Manager).

Steps to Start Appium Server

1. Install Appium Globally

Open the terminal application and run the following command:

npm install -g appium

This command installs Appium globally, making it accessible from any location in the terminal.

2. Start the Appium Server

Once Appium is installed, you can start the server by running the following command in the terminal:


If you need to specify additional server arguments, you can include them as shown below:

appium --address --port 4723

This command starts the Appium server and binds it to the IP address and port 4723. You can extend this command by adding other server flags as needed.

3. Verify the Installation

To ensure that Appium is installed correctly, you can use the following command:


This command checks the installation and verifies that all necessary dependencies are installed and configured correctly.

Additional Tips

If you encounter any issues during the setup or running the server, refer to the comprehensive Appium documentation available on our website for troubleshooting tips and best practices.

Leveraging Repeato for Efficient Testing

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