Repeato vs Sauce Labs

Repeato vs Sauce Labs

18 January 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tool comparisons

In the evolving landscape of mobile app testing, Repeato and Sauce Labs emerge as significant players, each with distinct offerings. Repeato streamlines UI test creation across iOS and Android without coding, leveraging AI and computer vision, and is accessible even to non-programmers.

Contrasting this, Sauce Labs extends its capabilities to web applications, providing a robust real device cloud along with emulators and simulators for comprehensive testing. This introduction will dissect their differences, focusing on usability, feature sets, and platform support to help you determine the best fit for your mobile testing needs.

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Feature comparison of Repeato and Sauce Labs

FeatureRepeatoSauce Labs
Free Plan Available
On Premise AvailableN/A
Device Farm AvailableN/A
Scheduler AvailableN/A
No Code
Uses AiN/A
Generates Reports
Uses Computer Vision
Ease Of Usevery easy to learneasy to learn
Review Pros 1. Simple and intuitive interface
2. Easy setup process, no complex configurations needed
3. Accessibility for both developers and non-programmers
4. Supports various testing methods like clicks, drags and scripting
5. Exceptional stability, no crashes or driver issues
6. Regular updates with bug fixes and excellent customer support
7. Great for mobile app testing, with efficient script creation
8. Allows for hundreds of additional tests each day
9. User-friendly, with easy adaptation and no initial setup required
10. Recognizes elements using visual fingerprints for testing
11. Allows for reusability and easy maintenance of scripts
12. No prior training or complex coding skills needed
1. Easy to integrate with existing codebases, enhancing the adaptability for teams.
2. Offers a high degree of versatility for testing across different browsers, devices, and platforms.
3. Provides an intuitive user interface that is frequently updated based on user feedback.
4. Regularly introduces new features and improvements to the service.
5. Boasts a supportive community for troubleshooting and user assistance.
6. Enables effective cross-browser and cross-platform testing without complex setups.
7. Supports the latest web browsers and mobile operating systems for both forward and backward compatibility testing.
8. Facilitates parallel execution, allowing numerous instances to run simultaneously, which significantly reduces test suite execution time.
9. Features video recordings of tests to help identify where failures occur.
10. Includes a platform configurator to assist in running test suites on real mobile applications.
Review Cons 1. Some limitations for iOS applications when tapping on any system window outside of the app
2. Access to CI/CD tools is only available at the enterprise level
3. Occasional unknown errors while performing basic tasks, although they are quickly remedied in the next version.
1. The cost can be high due to the reliance on virtual machines.
2. Users may occasionally encounter server errors.
3. Customer support response times can be slow.
4. Frequent changes in account managers can disrupt service continuity.
5. Lacks an option to export test reports in formats such as TestNG, Cucumber, and Extent directly from Sauce Labs.
6. The process of copying usernames and passwords from the profile can be cumbersome.
7. Errors during testing can occur, requiring users to rely on video features for debugging.
8. Does not provide email triage for report notifications of test suites.
9. Running real mobile device tests with the same web browser suite can present challenges.
10. The time taken for script execution can be a concern for some users.

Pricing Comparison: Repeato vs. Sauce Labs

Repeato Pricing Summary

Repeato presents a tiered pricing structure aimed at accommodating a range of users, from individuals to large corporations. Their model includes:

  • Free Plan: €0 per month, targeting individuals or small projects.
  • Basic Plan: €70 per month per user, offering unlimited testing minutes.
  • Pro Plan: €120 per month per user, with advanced features.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing, tailored for larger organizations.
    All plans come with unlimited testing for Android and iOS, a variety of testing tools, and email support. Discounts are possible for certain groups and long-term commitments.

Sauce Labs Pricing Summary

Sauce Labs structures its pricing to suit various testing requirements, with plans such as:

  • Live Testing Plan: $39 per month (annual billing), for manual browser and device tests.
  • Virtual Cloud Plan: $149 per month (annual billing), includes automated testing.
  • Real Device Cloud Plan: $199 per month (annual billing), offers real mobile device testing.
    All plans allow for unlimited users and testing minutes, with one parallel test included. Enterprise solutions are available with custom pricing. Sauce Labs also provides additional services, such as API testing and visual testing, and supports open-source projects with complimentary accounts.

Pricing Model Comparison

When comparing the pricing models of Repeato and Sauce Labs, several key similarities and differences emerge:

Common Points:

  • Tiered Plans: Both offer multiple pricing tiers, catering to different user needs.
  • Unlimited Testing: Each service provides unlimited testing minutes at certain pricing levels.
  • Enterprise Customization: Tailored solutions are available for large organizations on request.
  • Support for Various Users: Plans are suitable for individuals, small teams, and enterprises.
  • Support for Open Source and Non-profits: Both companies offer special considerations for open-source projects and non-profit organizations.


  • Billing Frequency: Repeato bills monthly, while Sauce Labs primarily bills annually.
  • Free Plan Availability: Repeato offers a perpetual Free plan, whereas Sauce Labs does not explicitly mention a free tier.
  • Per User Pricing: Repeato charges per user on their paid plans, while Sauce Labs offers unlimited users across all plans.
  • Real Device Testing: Sauce Labs specifically prices plans for access to real mobile devices, whereas Repeato does not differentiate between emulators and real devices in their pricing tiers.
  • Overage Charges: Sauce Labs applies overage charges on certain plans, whereas Repeato does not mention such fees.
  • Parallel Testing: Sauce Labs includes one parallel test in their plans, while Repeato does not specify the number of parallel tests available.

In summary, Repeato is structured around a per-user pricing model with a free tier and monthly billing, which could be advantageous for smaller teams or individual users. Sauce Labs, on the other hand, emphasizes annual billing and includes features like real device testing and parallel testing in its plans, potentially making it a more cost-effective choice for larger teams or organizations with more extensive testing needs. Both provide scalable options for enterprises, but their approaches to overage charges, billing cycles, and user limits may sway a customer’s choice based on their specific testing requirements and budget constraints.

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