Repeato vs ios-snapshot-test-case

Repeato vs ios-snapshot-test-case

1 February 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tool comparisons

In the realm of mobile app testing, Repeato and ios-snapshot-test-case serve distinct purposes. Repeato offers a no-code, AI-driven approach with cross-platform support for both iOS and Android, emphasizing ease of use and integration into CI/CD pipelines.

On the other hand, ios-snapshot-test-case is a more technical, coding-required framework focused exclusively on iOS, offering pixel-perfect UI validation via snapshot comparison. Understanding their core functionalities and differences is key for developers and testers in choosing the right tool for their app testing needs.

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Feature comparison of Repeato and ios-snapshot-test-case

Free Plan Available
On Premise Available
Device Farm AvailableN/A
Scheduler AvailableN/A
No Code
Uses Ai
Generates Reports
Uses Computer Vision
Ease Of Usevery easy to learnrequires expert technical knowledge
Review Pros 1. Simple and intuitive interface
2. Easy setup process, no complex configurations needed
3. Accessibility for both developers and non-programmers
4. Supports various testing methods like clicks, drags and scripting
5. Exceptional stability, no crashes or driver issues
6. Regular updates with bug fixes and excellent customer support
7. Great for mobile app testing, with efficient script creation
8. Allows for hundreds of additional tests each day
9. User-friendly, with easy adaptation and no initial setup required
10. Recognizes elements using visual fingerprints for testing
11. Allows for reusability and easy maintenance of scripts
12. No prior training or complex coding skills needed
Review Cons 1. Some limitations for iOS applications when tapping on any system window outside of the app
2. Access to CI/CD tools is only available at the enterprise level
3. Occasional unknown errors while performing basic tasks, although they are quickly remedied in the next version.

Pricing Comparison: Repeato vs. ios-snapshot-test-case

Repeato’s Pricing Overview:

Repeato presents a tiered pricing structure aimed at accommodating a spectrum of users, from individuals to large enterprises. The pricing model includes:

  • Free Plan: This is a perpetual plan offering the basics needed for test automation without any cost.
  • Basic Plan: Priced at €70 per month per user, this plan caters to users needing more features than the Free plan.
  • Pro Plan: At €120 per month per user, it provides all the Basic plan features plus additional advanced options.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for this plan is provided upon request, targeting large organizations with specific needs.

All paid plans come with unlimited monthly testing minutes, and unlimited Android and iOS tests. Additionally, they include various assertion and command options, with higher tiers offering priority support and advanced testing functionalities. Subscriptions are flexible, allowing users to change plans or cancel at any time. Discounts may be available for non-profits, educational institutions, and annual payments.

ios-snapshot-test-case’s Pricing Overview:

  • Free Open Source Software: This tool is available at no cost and is maintained by the community.

Pricing Model Comparison:

When comparing the pricing models of Repeato and ios-snapshot-test-case, several key differences and commonalities emerge:

Common Points:

  • Both offer a free option to get started with test automation.
  • They are designed to support iOS testing, ensuring compatibility with Apple devices.


  • Cost Structure: Repeato has a structured pricing model with various tiers, while ios-snapshot-test-case is entirely free as it is an open-source project.
  • Support: Repeato offers email support with its free plan and priority support for higher-tier plans. In contrast, ios-snapshot-test-case relies on community support, which can vary in responsiveness and expertise.
  • Features: Repeato’s paid plans include advanced testing features, whereas ios-snapshot-test-case’s features depend on community contributions and may not be as extensive or updated.
  • Flexibility: Repeato allows users to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime, providing flexibility based on changing needs. ios-snapshot-test-case, being open-source, offers unlimited flexibility but requires self-management.
  • Target Audience: Repeato targets a wide range of users from individuals to large enterprises with its scalable plans. ios-snapshot-test-case may appeal more to individual developers or small teams comfortable with open-source tools and community support.
  • Custom Solutions: Only Repeato offers bespoke solutions for large organizations through its Enterprise plan.

In summary, Repeato’s pricing model is designed for scalability and professional use, with dedicated support and advanced features that cater to a broad audience. In contrast, ios-snapshot-test-case offers a no-cost community-driven solution that might be more appealing to individuals or teams with technical expertise and a preference for open-source software.

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