Katalon vs Sauce Labs

Katalon vs Sauce Labs

31 January 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tool comparisons

Choosing the right software testing platform can be pivotal for your development cycle. Katalon offers a versatile quality management platform with both low-code and full-code capabilities, AI-augmented features, and robust integrations, suitable for various industries.

It’s user-friendly with an available free plan and on-premise options. In contrast, Sauce Labs emphasizes a comprehensive set of mobile testing tools, including real device clouds and CI/CD optimization, but lacks a free plan. Both platforms cater to web, Android, and iOS testing with AI capabilities, but each has unique strengths that cater to different organizational needs.

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Feature comparison of Katalon and Sauce Labs

FeatureKatalonSauce Labs
Free Plan
On Premise
Device Farm
No Code
Uses Ai
Generates Reports
Uses Computer Vision
Ease Of Useeasy to learneasy to learn
Is Open Source
Support Included
Review ProsReduced Effort in Test Maintenance: Users report that Katalon simplifies the creation and maintenance of reusable methods, which can reduce time and effort significantly.
Built-in Reporting Features: The platform automatically captures snapshots on test failures, which enhances the efficiency of reporting.
Comprehensive Test Features: Offers features like Record, Object Spy, and Frame Handling, which streamline the testing process.
Low Learning Curve: Katalon is accessible to manual testers, allowing them to transition to automation testing with minimal training.
Cross-Functional Testing Support: It supports UI, API, and Mobile testing within a single platform, reducing the need to manage different tools for different types of testing.
Community and Customer Support: There is strong community support for the free version and dedicated customer support for the paid version.
Facilitates Cross-Functional Roles: Enables testers to handle both manual and automated testing, effectively becoming cross-functional team members.
CI/CD Integration: For those who opt for the paid version, it offers Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment integration.
Codeless Automation: Provides a codeless automation option, making it accessible for teams with limited coding knowledge.
Efficiency in Test Execution: Users find that Katalon allows for faster test execution compared to manual testing, enabling more extensive and frequent testing.
1. Easy to integrate with existing codebases, enhancing the adaptability for teams.
2. Offers a high degree of versatility for testing across different browsers, devices, and platforms.
3. Provides an intuitive user interface that is frequently updated based on user feedback.
4. Regularly introduces new features and improvements to the service.
5. Boasts a supportive community for troubleshooting and user assistance.
6. Enables effective cross-browser and cross-platform testing without complex setups.
7. Supports the latest web browsers and mobile operating systems for both forward and backward compatibility testing.
8. Facilitates parallel execution, allowing numerous instances to run simultaneously, which significantly reduces test suite execution time.
9. Features video recordings of tests to help identify where failures occur.
10. Includes a platform configurator to assist in running test suites on real mobile applications.
Review ConsSeparate Licensing: Some users find the need for separate licenses for different features to be a disadvantage.
Cost for Advanced Features: Advanced features like CI/CD integration and Visual Testing require a paid license.
Mobile Execution Issues: There have been reports of instability during mobile test execution, where sessions unexpectedly close.
High Resource Usage: Users with less powerful hardware have experienced performance issues, indicating the platform may require substantial system resources.
Lack of Support for Legacy Systems: Katalon currently does not support automation testing for legacy Java UIs, which can be a limitation for some organizations.
Limited TestOps Analytics: The free version has limitations on the analytical results available through TestOps, pushing users towards the paid version for full functionality.
Separate Licensing for Cloud Features: Features like Parallel Cloud Execution and Cloud Tunnelling require additional licensing, which can increase costs.
Limited Free Features: Some users feel that the most valuable features are locked behind the paid version, which can be a barrier for smaller teams or individual users.
Hardware Demands: The platform’s demand on hardware resources can lead to slower performance on less capable machines.
No Bundled Packages: Users would prefer bundled packages for the various Katalon products to simplify licensing and possibly reduce costs.
1. The cost can be high due to the reliance on virtual machines.
2. Users may occasionally encounter server errors.
3. Customer support response times can be slow.
4. Frequent changes in account managers can disrupt service continuity.
5. Lacks an option to export test reports in formats such as TestNG, Cucumber, and Extent directly from Sauce Labs.
6. The process of copying usernames and passwords from the profile can be cumbersome.
7. Errors during testing can occur, requiring users to rely on video features for debugging.
8. Does not provide email triage for report notifications of test suites.
9. Running real mobile device tests with the same web browser suite can present challenges.
10. The time taken for script execution can be a concern for some users.

Pricing Models: Katalon vs. Sauce Labs

Katalon Pricing Summary

Katalon provides a tiered pricing strategy with a focus on aligning with team sizes and testing requirements. The entry-level Starter Plan is free and includes basic test automation features, making it suitable for small teams or those new to automation. For more advanced needs, the Premium Plan starts at $167 per month, offering professional-grade functionalities, while the Ultimate Plan targets enterprise needs and is custom-priced. Katalon incentivizes annual billing with discounts up to 25% and extends special offers to new customers. It’s a comprehensive solution that supports various types of testing, including AI-powered and visual testing.

Sauce Labs Pricing Summary

Sauce Labs structures its pricing to accommodate a range of continuous testing demands. The Live Testing Plan begins at $39 per month, focusing on manual testing with unlimited access. The Virtual Cloud Plan, priced at $149 per month, brings automated testing features, and for real device testing, the Real Device Cloud Plan is offered at $199 per month. Each plan includes one parallel test, with monthly or annual billing options. Enterprise-specific needs are addressed with custom solutions. Sauce Labs also charges for overages and offers support for open source projects with complimentary accounts.

Comparison of Pricing Models


  • Both Katalon and Sauce Labs offer tiered pricing plans that scale with the needs of different team sizes and testing requirements.
  • Each company provides a free option to start with: Katalon’s Starter Plan and Sauce Labs’ support for open source projects.
  • Both have premium offerings for advanced testing needs and enterprise-level customers.
  • Annual billing is available from both Katalon and Sauce Labs, which can lead to cost savings over monthly billing.
  • The solutions cover a broad spectrum of testing, including manual, automated, web, API, mobile, and desktop.


  • Free Plan Accessibility: Katalon’s free Starter Plan is available to anyone and includes basic test automation features, while Sauce Labs provides free accounts specifically for open source projects.
  • Starting Price for Paid Plans: Sauce Labs offers a lower entry price for its paid plans, with the basic Live Testing Plan at $39 per month, compared to Katalon’s Premium Plan starting at $167 per month.
  • Billing for Overages: Sauce Labs applies a per-minute charge for overages on minute-limited plans, whereas Katalon does not explicitly mention overage charges in their pricing model.
  • Enterprise Pricing: Katalon’s Ultimate Plan requires custom pricing for enterprise-grade features, while Sauce Labs invites enterprise customers to contact them for custom solutions, implying a more flexible approach to enterprise pricing.
  • Support for Testing Types: Katalon emphasizes AI-powered and visual testing within its plans, whereas Sauce Labs highlights additional tools for API quality, error reporting, and visual testing as part of its broader offerings.

In summary, while both Katalon and Sauce Labs provide scalable solutions for software testing, Katalon’s model is more straightforward with set pricing for its tiered plans, and Sauce Labs offers a more granular approach with minute billing and a variety of specialized tools. Users should consider the scale of their testing needs, budget constraints, and the specific types of testing support required when choosing between the two services.

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