Resolving Cypress Custom Command Recognition Issues

Resolving Cypress Custom Command Recognition Issues

21 May 2024 Stephan Petzl Leave a comment Tech-Help

Resolving Cypress Custom Command Recognition Issues

Creating custom commands in Cypress can significantly enhance the efficiency and readability of your tests. However, users sometimes encounter issues where custom commands are not recognized when invoked. This guide will walk you through a common solution to this problem and ensure your custom commands are correctly recognized by Cypress.

Understanding the Issue

When you move functionality to a custom command in cypress/support/commands.js, you might encounter an error message stating: TypeError: cy.login is not a function. This typically happens because the custom command is not loaded properly.


To ensure your custom commands are recognized, follow these steps:

1. Import Commands in index.js

Ensure that your custom commands file is imported in the cypress/support/index.js file. This file is loaded before any test files are evaluated, making the commands available globally.

// cypress/support/index.js
import './commands';

2. Check Your Configuration

Verify that the supportFile property in your cypress.json is not set to false. This property should either be omitted or set to the correct path if you are using a custom support file path.

// cypress.json
  "baseUrl": "http://demo.your-domain.test",
  "supportFile": "cypress/support/index.js"  // Ensure this line is correct

3. Wrap Commands in a Function (If Necessary)

If you are still encountering issues after following the above steps, consider wrapping your Cypress.Commands.add calls in a function and then importing and executing this function in your index.js file.

// cypress/support/commands.js
export default function addCustomCommands() {
  Cypress.Commands.add('login', (username, password) => {
      method: 'POST',
      form: true,
      url: '/test/login/',
      body: { 'username': username, 'password': password }

// cypress/support/index.js
import addCustomCommands from './commands';



By following these steps, you can ensure that your custom commands are properly recognized and loaded in Cypress. This will help you maintain cleaner and more efficient test scripts.

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