The iOS test automation tool with no code, for testing in no time

Finally robust iOS app tests! Automate tedious app testing using physical devices. Simple, speedy, and even without coding skills.

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The iOS test automation tool with no code, for testing in no time

Automating iOS testing? Easy!

5 minSetup time2h
3 minWrite first test2h
5 minFix broken test2h
TesterWho creates the tests?Developer
€ 75 *
* Assumptions: 20min per test
Tester cost per hour: € 25
15min * 10 tests = 3h
3h * €25 = €75
Cost of automating 10 tests€ 600 *
* Assumptions: 1h per test
Developer cost per hour: € 60
1h * 10 tests = 10h
10h * €60 = €600
€ 250 *
* Assumptions: 1 change per test per month
Tester cost per hour: € 25
5min * 10 tests * 12 months = 10h
10h * €25 = €250
Maintenance costs (10 tests / 1 year)€ 7000 *
* Assumption: 1 change per test per month.
Developer cost per hour: € 60
1h * 10 tests * 12 months = 120h
120h * €60 = €7200

iOS testing: Common problems and Repeato's solutions

Mobile app testing becomes easy

Testing iOS apps needs extensive technical expertise and takes a lot of effort. People without coding knowledge can test iOS Repeato since it operates via record & play.

Finally robust tests

Testing using code is delicate and prone to failure. Repeato makes testing more reliable by utilizing computer vision and machine learning, and if required, allows you to record new tests in a matter of seconds.

iOS apps get shipped with better UI experience

Your team might spend a lot of time, effort, and resources on writing coded tests. With Repeato's, developers can concentrate on creating a fantastic product, QAs can test more, and users have a perfect UI experience.

What our users say about test automation with Repeato

Phil Boyd

"The barrier of entry is really simple. I had an intern try it out and he was able to create a test rather quickly, whereas the same test on espresso using the robot pattern will take quite a bit longer."

Phil Boyd
Android Engineer @

Stefan Wolfrath

"I could reduce the testing time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes per app"

Stefan Wolfrath
Tester @

Ray Li

"Repeato is the future of app testing... I have a very complex app with embedded Flutter and Webview modules. No other testing solution works, except Repeato. It worked perfectly on the first try and was absolutely beautiful to watch... Amazing!"

Ray Li
Developer @

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