Latest Releases


  • Pretty batch run HTML reports
  • App quality metrics: Compare test run duration, skipped frames count and app startup time
  • Search and filter tests
  • Export selected steps to library
  • Importing steps from library
  • New JS Editor with syntax highlighting, multiline editing, code completion and more

See full 1.0 release blog post here

REPEATO 1.0.0-Beta18

  • iOS support
  • OCR (text recognition)
  • Extended JS API
  • Search region constraints for UI element lookups
  • UX improvements

Repeato 0.9.10

  • Searchable library (see below)
  • Showing test IDs in the library and reports for easier communication within the
    team (see below)
  • A bigger step editing screen for a more detailed selection of fingerprints
  • Improved landscape editing
  • New testRunner.setNextStepById() allows jumping to steps by referencing their IDs
  • Collapsible sub test steps

Repeato 0.8.21

  • Simplified test migration to other devices
  • Allow cloning tests
  • Quick fix broken test runs more easily
  • Continous integration test result server
  • Bugfixes and UX improvements

Repeato 0.7.0

  • Workspaces for teams (git support)
  • New test library
  • Copy and paste support for steps
  • Examples for "Exec Script" steps
  • Support for Android 10 emulators
  • Bugfixes & design tweaks

Repeato 0.8.20

  • JavaScript Support (see below!)
  • More command line script examples
  • Improved Jira export
  • Improved matching algorithm
  • Landscape support
  • Android 11 support
  • UX: Allow switching through step results with keyboard arrows
  • UX: Allow user to directly edit steps from within batch runner

Repeato 0.6.4

  • Configurable timeout for test steps
  • Improved onboarding
  • More stability for handling animations
  • Improved test migration (multi device support)
  • Lots of UX Improvements
  • Tons of bugfixes

Repeato 0.6.0

  • Implemented Android 10 support
  • Added basic help dialog and onboarding tour
  • Fixed design issues
  • Fixed device connection issues
  • Lots of UX Improvements