Getting started

How to best take your first steps with Repeato.

How to record UI tests

Recording tests is done via interacting with you app over the repeato desktop app:

You can select multiple steps by either using shift+click (range) or ctrl+click (cmd+click on mac). To delete steps press the trash bin button:


The test library

You can organise your test in folders via drag and drop:

New folders can be created by clicking the "+" button. Whole test folders as well as single tests can be added to your batch run by pressing the small + button:



One way to keep things tidy when dealing with a lot of tests is to use different workspaces. We recommend one workspace per app. Workspaces also enable versioning for your tests via git or some other versioning tool.

Steps to follow to create a new workspace:

  1. Create a new directory (with windows explorer / mac finder)
  2. Open repeato and select "File/Open workspace"
  3. In the dialog, choose the directory (the one you created in step 1)
  4. Repeato will initialise the directory as workspace and save some meta data in there

Every test you record will end up in this workspace directory.
To benefit from versioning, just create a git repository inside of this directory.