Creating a PDF

For each test run you can easily create a pdf report which will contain all the relevant information for the developer to fix an issue.


test run report metadata of app version, device model and android versiontest run report screenshots


Creating a Jira issue

Before publishing to Jira it's necessary to create a connector:

Click on "Settings" in the main menu and click the + button next to "Connectors". Then enter all the information needed for connecting to Jira:

Publishing android test results to Jira

Hit "Connect to Jira" and you are ready to go.

After the test run, repeato will have all the interesting meta data ready for your report:
App version, install and update time, device model and Android version.

Just click the report button in the header of your test:

Android test report button

For each of the executed test steps you can select a screenshot which get's attached to the Jira issue:

Publishing Android test results to jira

The left column of screenshots shows the ones taken during recording of the test, the right column shows the screenshots taken during test execution.